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Basic Course European Patent Right and Patent Practice

In this day and age of fast-evolving technological developments, protection of innovation, investments and markets is of the utmost importance. This implies a. o. skilful drafting of patent applications and advising and supporting the patenting process in all its aspects.

In this Basic Course, the field of intellectual property (with emphasis on European, US and Belgian Law) is explained through exercises and lectures on Patent Law, Patent Practice, Case Law, and developments in the jurisdiction of the European Patent Office. The course is based on the European Patent Convention (EPC), with attention for the peculiarities of US and Belgian patent law and practice.

The tutors are all national and/or European patent attorneys practicing in Belgium, both in industry and in private practice.

Target group

The Basic Course targets everyone, in particular scientists, R&D managers and attorneys at law, who is involved in intellectual property, for example as a patent adviser, patent manager or patent attorney in training.  The course is also a thorough basis (albeit not a complete preparation) for those who are training for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE).  

Practical information & Programme

Course language and course material will be in English.

Time schedule
Thursday afternoon from 17.00h to 20.30h
Welcome coffee at 16.30h
Sandwich lunch at 18.30h

Preferably by 20 September 2018 at the latest.

27 Sept. 2018: Introduction - Werner Van Borm 
11 Oct. 2018: Patentability (Art. 52 - 53 EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe 
25 Oct. 2018: Introduction to Novelty (Art. 54 EPC) - Davy Wauters / Kris Hertoghe
08 Nov. 2018: Novelty (Art. 54 EPC): Case law - Davy Wauters / Kris Hertoghe
22 Nov. 2018: Novelty (Art. 54 EPC): Case law - Liesbeth Paemen / Christophe Ego
29 Nov. 2018: Novelty (Art. 54 EPC): Excercises E/M - Davy Wauters / Kris Hertoghe
06 Dec. 2018: Novelty (Art. 54 EPC): Excercises Chemistry - Maria Garcia Prieto
13 Dec. 2018: Priority (Art. 87 - 89 EPC) - Annemie Jaeken 
20 Dec. 2018: Further patentability topics - Ann De Clercq / Andrej Michalík
10 Jan. 2019: Inventive step (Art. 56 EPC): Introduction - William Bird 
17 Jan. 2019: Inventive step (Art. 56 EPC) - William Bird
31 Jan. 2019: Inventive step (Art. 56 EPC): Exercises - Johan Brants
07 Feb. 2019: Redactional requirements of a patent application - Annemie Swinnen
28 Feb. 2019: Redactional requirements of a patent application - Annemie Swinnen
14 Mar. 2019: Redactional requirements of a patent application - Annemie Swinnen
28 Mar. 2019: Claims: exercises - Chemistry or Biotechnology - Annemie Swinnen / Ann De Clercq
04 Apr. 2019: Claims: exercises - E/M - Annemie Verbrugghe
25 Apr. 2019: Unity of invention (Art. 82 EPC) - Liesbet Paemen
09 May 2019: Languages of the EPO, EP applications and other documents (Art. 14 EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe
23 May 2019: The inventor, the applicant and the entitled persons throughout the EPC - Werner Van Borm
06 June 2019: Representation (Art.133-134a EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe
20 June 2019: Filing and requirements of the European patent application (Art. 75 - 86) - Ariane Bird

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Contact & info

Birgit De Wolf
27/09/2018 Van: 17u00
20/06/2019 Tot: 20u30
Het Ingenieurshuis Desguinlei 214 2018 Antwerpen

3000 € for non-members 2100 € for personal members ie-net 2100 € for corporate members ie-net 1500 € for personal members ie-net <30y / >65y Fees are exempted from VAT


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