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DIK webinar: The future of transport in the Euregion Maas-Rhine

Hydrogen, trains, boats.... They are all technological solutions that could contribute to the future of transport or present innovation and trends that could change the way in which we are used to see certain technologies.

Each country is different in terms of laws, regulations, infrastructures, available resources and knowledge. As a result, countries in the Euregion Maas-Rhine are all using different technological solutions within their specific governmental climate.

This event aims at providing you an overview of the innovations and trends in the transport sector that will be used in the future for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Voertaal: Engels

De link om in te loggen op de webinar zal u in de week voor het event toegestuurd worden.


  • 15:45 uur: Login of the participants
  • 16:00 uur: Welcome: ir Dieudonnée Cobben (KIVI)
  • 16:05 uur: 1st speaker: 
    • Martens Adwin
      Managing Director
      Title: The role of hydrogen in the future of transport & the transport of hydrogen itself
  • 16:25 uur: 2nd speaker:
    • Meltzer Katharina
      Project Manager Hydrogen Trains
      Title: Hydrogen as energy carrier of the future: Project H2goesrail
  • 16:45 uur: Pause
  • 16:55 uur: 3rd speaker:
    • Thiebaut Hélène
      Communication Manager
      Port of Liège
      Title: The future of ports in a changing world
  • 17:15 uur: 4th speaker:
    • Deerenberg Michiel
      Program Manager Innovation
      Title: An innovative track to sustainable rail transport
  • 17:35 uur: Wrapping Up       
    • ir Dieudonnée Cobben
  • 17:45 uur: End of the seminar

Contact & info

Chris Bonte
Verantwoordelijke inschrijvingen
ie-net ingenieursvereniging vzw
Ing. Wouter Lowet
Mechanical Design Engineer
14/10/2021 Van: 15u45 tot 17u45

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