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Streaming in the clouds: Broadband wireless in aircraft

Two speakers, active in the field of satellite communications, will unveil the future of what we might expect in airplanes and detail some of the technical aspects of the transmission and the management of a satellite link.

The first is ir. Alain Rollé. He earned his masters degree in telecommunication engineering at UGent in 2000 and worked as development and system engineer on the telecommunication aspects of various space projects (ATV, Pegasus) at the space division of Alcatel. In 2007 he joined Newtec first as Senior Engineer Wireless Communication, then as head of the Physical Layer Research department. Since 2017 he is head of Systems Engineering. He will discuss a.o. the business case for aero/wifi, the aero antenna types and the skew problem, the on-board modem and the technological challenges like beam hand-off, traffic routing and waveform standards (eg DVB-S2X), as well as future network architecture evolutions

The second speaker, Maria Mateo has been working in the space and satellite communications industry since 2005. She is Msc in Telecommunication Engineering, master in satellite communications and executive MBA. She is currently Senior Manager at SES (the owner of the well known Astra satellites) for commercial and business aviation strategy and products. She joined SES in 2013 and has held different positions in Government Services and Engineering. Maria is interested in combining new technologies to advance as a society and create sustainable value. She will shed light on the problem from a satellite point of view like satellite and bandwidth coverage organization, ground station/teleport organization. logistic & regulatory challenges.

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